Jean-Claude Thill

A mixed-methods analysis of social-ecological feedbacks between urbanization and forest
Accounting for residential propagule pressure improves prediction of urban plant
Associations between COVID-19 pandemic, lockdown measures and human mobility : longitudinal evidence from 86
Boosting computational effectiveness in big spatial flow data analysis with intelligent data
COVID-19 pandemic severity, lockdown regimes, and people’s mobility : early evidence from 88
Densification without growth management? Evidence from local land development and housing trends in Charlotte, North Carolina,
Effect of privatization and inland infrastructural development on India's container port selection
Exploring feasibility of multivariate deep learning models in predicting COVID-19
Heterogeneous crowd-sourced data
Machine learning of spatial
Machine learning on the COVID-19 pandemic, human mobility and air quality : a
Measuring relative opinion from location-based social media : a case study of the 2016 US presidential
Non-linear associations between the urban built environment and commuting modal split : a random forest approach and SHAP
Predicting the upcoming services of vacant taxis near fixed locations using taxi
Projected resurgence of COVID-19 in the United States in July-December 2021 resulting from the increased transmissibility of the Delta variant and faltering
Public perceptions of COVID-19 vaccines : policy implications from us spatiotemporal sentiment
Spatial analytics based on confidential data for strategic planning in urban health
Spatio-temporal prediction of the COVID-19 pandemic in US counties : modeling with a deep LSTM neural
Spatiotemporal evaluation of the built environment's impact on commuting
The role of socioeconomic and climatic factors in the spatio-temporal variation of human rabies in
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