Greg Gbur

Controlled coherence plasmonic light
Cycle of phase, coherence and polarization singularities in Young's three-pinhole
Dynamic aerosol and dynamic air-water interface curvature effects on a 2-Gbit/s free-space optical link using orbital-angular-momentum
Extraordinary optical transmission through multi-layered systems of corrugated metallic thin
Fractional vortex Hilbert's
High order plasmonic vortex generation based on spiral
Massive parallel sorting of particles using unwound polygonal vortex
Partially coherent radially polarized fractional vortex
Propagation of radially polarized Hermite non-uniformly correlated beams in a turbulent
Propagation properties of Hermite non-uniformly correlated beams in
Rectangular Hermite non-uniformly correlated beams and its propagation
Scintillation properties of a partially coherent vector beam with vortex phase in turbulent
Second- order statistical properties of conjugate mode double-H partially coherent beams in
Simulating fields of arbitrary spatial and temporal
Singularities of partially polarized vortex
Spiral spectrum of a Laguerre-Gaussian beam propagating in anisotropic non-Kolmogorov turbulent atmosphere along horizontal
Strategies for employing surface plasmons in near-field optical readout
The evolution of spectral intensity and orbital angular momentum of twisted Hermite Gaussian Schell model beams in
Using superoscillations for superresolved imaging and subwavelength
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