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....then we'll float it back to the surface.
...But don't go near the water
...and first thing, be sure and get your flu shot!
...and in the presidential slalom race...
...and it's making some of the legislators extremely nervous
...and never is heard a discouraging word
...and now for the hard part.
...and stop that screaming while the Nixons are here
...and this is the courtroom they're using for the riot conspiracy trial.
...and this is the guidance system!
...and we shall take back our land from the Israelis, just as soon as we can safely get out of this bomb shelter.
...they say they're here to get 'involved'.
..and when this module ruptured it caused quite a malfunction here at home!
1967 Detroit riot cartoon
1968 Democratic primaries cartoon
1968 Richard Nixon presidential campaign cartoon
1968 United States presidential election cartoon
1968 United States presidential election cartoon
1972 election cartoon
A return to Reveille