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Amendment to plan for further desegregation of schools, and other pleadings
Answer to plaintiffs' interrogatory, number 1, part 1
Answer to plaintiffs' interrogatory, number 1, part 2
Answers to plaintiffs' interrogatories, numbers 2-14; and interrogatories
Appendices A-J, in response in opposition to motion to vacate partial suspension of and to reinstate an order of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of North Carolina ordering implementation of a desegregation plan
Appendices and correspondence
Appendices and exhibits of record on appeal
Brief in behalf of Robert W. Scott, Governor of North Carolina; State Board of Education..; and other pleadings
Brief of the Attorney General of North Carolina in behalf of the appellants, brief amicus curiae, and other pleadings
Charlote-Mecklenburg School Systems: a plan for student desegregation (respondents' appendix N)
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools demographic reports, appendix to brief in no. 498, and other pleadings
Citizens' Advisory Group exhibits no. 1-3, and plaintiffs' exhibits no. 4-6
Complaint, interrogatories and answers to interrogatories, and other pleadings
Defendants' exhibits no. 1, 5-6, 10-11
Defendants' exhibits no. 12-19, 23-25, 29-34, 37
Defendants' exhibits, no. 2-48
Defendants' exhibits, no. 49-72
Defendants' report to the court and other pleadings
Docket and summary of court filings; and miscellaneous pleadings
Draft of motion to affirm or dismiss, and other preparatory materials