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Bishop McGuinness High School, Winston-Salem
Blanche Leak Gluyas oral history interview 2, 1979 May 25
Brett Gilbert oral history interview, 2006 October 26
Charles Sanders at UNC Chapel Hill ad shoot and speech
Charles Sanders speeches Raleigh and Tarboro
Charlie Sanders announcement
Connie Patton oral history interview 1, 2005 May 2
Cynthia Roddey oral history interview, 2004 May 17
Dorothy Bardolph Center seniors event
Dudley High School, Greensboro (Drugs)
Duke University
Frances Blanton oral history interview, 1992 November 24
Glenwood senior event
Guilford County Unity Dinner, side a
Guilford County Unity Dinner, side b
Harper Industries
Interview and TCI Industries, Rocky Mount
Interview with Alan Colmes